Timothy Dwyer

timothydwyerBoth a seasoned newspaper reporter and editor, Timothy Dwyer’s byline has appeared on some of the nation’s best-respected front pages, including the Boston Globe, the Philadelphia Inquirer and The Washington Post.

Along with fellow Inquirer reporter Robert Frump, Mr. Dwyer received the George Polk Award for national reporting for a 1983 series of investigative stories on the U.S. maritime industry. Before joining the sports staff as a columnist, deputy editor and editor, he also served as the paper’s national and foreign correspondent, based in New Orleans, La. and London, England.

After 20 years at the Inquirer, Mr. Dwyer took a position as metro reporter for The Washington Post, covering George W. Bush’s second inauguration, Hurricane Katrina and the Virginia Tech massacre. He is currently the executive editor of The New London (Conn.) Day.