The New England First Amendment Coalition provides a free mentorship program for journalists working in the region. Reporters, editors and producers looking for guidance in a variety of professional areas can apply to be paired with a veteran journalist with relevant expertise.

Thank you to the Rhode Island Foundation for its support of this program. 

Program Overview

Please note: This program is currently open exclusively to journalists working for Rhode Island newsrooms. All other news reporters, editors and producers working in one or more of the six New England states are eligible to apply for a mentorship beginning in 2023.

Applicants must submit the form linked below and email their résumé with links to their portfolio. When applying, applicants will be asked to name their top three mentor choices based on their specific goals and mentorship needs. Once the application materials are received, NEFAC will begin working to pair the applicant with a preferred mentor. When a match has been made, the applicant will be notified.

Mentors are required to provide at least an hour of their time each month for six months as part of the program, but mentees can agree to other time arrangements that work for both parties. Due to demand and the limited availability of mentors, NEFAC will only respond to applications once a match has been found.

How to Apply

Step 1: View our list of mentors and mentorship areas.
Step 2: Submit application.
Step 3: Email résumé and link to portfolio to

Once we receive all your application materials, we’ll begin looking for a match based on your mentorship preferences. When a match has been made, we’ll provide an introduction to your mentor.

Program Materials

Journalism Mentorship Plan Form
Post-Mentorship Evaluation for Mentees
Post-Mentorship Evaluation for Mentors


Are you a new mentor looking for guidance on how to create a successful mentorship? Feel free to contact those below who have mentorship experience and will share their tips and best practices.

• Maggie Mulvihill |

We also recommend you review some of the following materials. While they focus on different aspects of mentorship for various groups and needs, they all provide helpful general guidance that can be applied to your own mentoring experience.

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