NEFAC: Mugshot Secrecy Bill in New Hampshire Dangerous and Unjustified

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The New England First Amendment Coalition wrote to New Hampshire state senators today about a bill that would restrict access to police mugshots, calling the proposal “a dangerous and unjustified infringement” upon the public’s right to know and the ability of journalists to report the news.

HB 125 classifies police mugshots as investigatory records and exempts them from release under the New Hampshire Right to Know Law. The state Senate is expected to vote on the bill today.

The coalition noted in a May 27 email to state senators that mugshot photos can reveal racial or demographic information that a simple police report would not contain. The photos may also show the physical condition of suspects at the time of their arrest and eliminate doubt as to which of any number of “John Does” was arrested.

“While most mugshots received by the media are never published, it is critical that the right of the media to gather and disseminate news not be curtailed, as HB 125 would do,” explained attorney and NEFAC board member Richard Gagliuso on behalf of the coalition.

“Today, perhaps more than ever, citizens are demanding transparency and accountability within police departments,” he added. “In this light, HB 125 sends precisely the wrong message at the wrong time.”

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