NEFAC Provides Resources Addressing Massachusetts Clerk-Magistrate Hearing Secrecy

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The New England First Amendment Coalition today published a resource page on its website to increase public awareness of secret clerk-magistrate hearings in Massachusetts.

Clerk-magistrate hearings — also called “show cause” hearings” — began in 1943 and were intended as a way to resolve minor criminal matters without a public trial and publicity.

Hearing schedules and records are not generally available to the public. Members of the public, according to a 2007 Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decision, have no First Amendment right to attend the hearings unlike other court proceedings.

The secrecy, as detailed in a 2018 investigation by The Boston Globe, has allowed powerful and wealthy individuals to evade accountability for not just misdemeanors but also felonies and other serious crimes.

“No other state in the country has a system like this,” said Justin Silverman, NEFAC’s executive director. “It’s a broken system that can only be fixed with more transparency and public access.”

NEFAC’s new resource page is part of the coalition’s multi-state FOI Guide. In addition to background on the clerk-magistrate hearings, the page features the following:

• Summaries of court decisions.
• Links to legislation intending to reform the system.
• A step-by-step guide on how clerk-magistrate hearings can be opened to the public.
• A log of public requests for access.
• Links to data on the hearings and the types of cases being heard.
• Other resources and helpful press coverage.

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