Amicus Briefs, Letters and Statements
NEFAC files and signs onto amicus briefs, letters and statements addressing important First Amendment issues. This is a listing of those documents, as well as others that may be of interest to you. While our main focus is on freedom of information concerns, we will consider supporting any amicus brief or letter that addresses the First Amendment. If you would like to have NEFAC sign onto your document, or to have us file one on behalf of your cause, please email our executive director for more information.

Email Newsletters
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Event Materials
NEFAC participates in many discussions and conferences throughout the year. Often the coalition will provide useful reference materials to those who attend these events. Those materials can be found here.

New England First Amendment Institute
The institute is an annual, three-day, intensive training program on freedom of information law and investigative reporting techniques for 25 working New England journalists. It provides editors and reporters with the support and training necessary to become accomplished investigative journalists, well versed in the access laws that govern today’s difficult reporting landscape. Here you will find more information and application materials.

Public Service Announcements
Please help us promote our freedom of information initiatives by using these ads within your particular organization. Provided here are both print ads and videos that further explain our goals and our specific projects.

NEFAC sponsors and participates in many public events, including discussions on the First Amendment and luncheons to honor New Englanders who have made strides in promoting freedom of information causes. You can watch them here.