NEFAC sponsors and participates in many public events, including discussions on the First Amendment and luncheons to honor New Englanders who have made strides in promoting freedom of information causes.

NEFAI Indiegogo Fundraiser | 11.1.13

Annual Awards Luncheon


  • Kit Savage, Antonia Orfield Citizenship Award
  • Brent Curtis and The Rutland Herald, FOI Award
  • Jill Abramson of The New York Times, Introducing James Risen
  • James Risen, Stephen Hamblett Award


  • Philip Balboni, GlobalPost Co-Founder and Keynote Speaker
  • David Lang, President of The Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire and Award Recipient
  • John Ferraro, Editor at the Hartford Courant on Behalf of Reporter and Award Recipient Don Stacom

First Amendment and Freedom of Information Lecture | 3.14.12

  • Nackey Loeb School, Manchester, NH.
  • Featuring Attorney Gregory V. Sullivan and Jeffery Strezlin, Senior Assistant Attorney General of New Hampshire.

Shining Light on Our Elections | 3.19.12

  • University of Southern Maine, Abromson Community Education Center.
  • Featuring Attorney Sigmund D. Schutz, Andrew Marsters of the University of New Hampshire, Irwin Gratz of the Maine Public Broadcasting Network and Tony Ronzio of the Sun Media Group.