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Reporting on Traumatic Events: A Look at Hearst Connecticut’s ‘Lost to Abuse’
Reporter Verónica Del Valle describes a recent series on domestic violence, the importance of public records and the challenges of covering tragedies.

Using Public Records in Connecticut to Shine a Light on Superintendent Pay
Viktoria Sundqvist, newsroom data analyst for Hearst Connecticut Media Group, explains how she used the state’s public records law to gather superintendent payroll information.

Gun Violence in Connecticut and the Importance of Local, Investigative Journalism
Keila Torres Ocasio, Managing Editor of Investigations for Hearst Connecticut Media Group, discusses a recent series on gun violence in the state, the reporting process behind the stories and why local investigative journalism is essential to communities.

The Role of Transparency in Policing the Police
NEFAC’s Dan Barrett, legal director at the ACLU of Connecticut, explains how access to law enforcement records can help us better hold police accountable for their actions and prevent future misconduct.