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ACLU: Status of Domestic Drone Legislation in the States

The American Civil Liberties Union tracks legislation pertaining to drone use within all 50 states.

The Missouri Drone Journalism Program

This program is a partnership between students at the Missouri School of Journalism, the University of Missouri Information Technology Program and NPR member station KBIA. The link above is to the program’s blog which provides updates on efforts to incorporate private drone use into journalism practice.

National Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers — Domestic Drone Information Center

The NACDL collects news from leading publications across the nation, features a listing of legislative developments, and contains sections devoted to relevant case law, government documents, scholarship, upcoming events and data on drone usage.

Professional Society of Drone Journalists

Founded in 2011, the society is dedicated to establishing an ethical, educational and technological framework for drone journalism. It explores best practices to deploy drones for a variety of reporting needs, including investigative, disaster, weather, sports, and environmental journalism. Among other information, the site features a blog with relevant news and developments in the field.