Valuable Lessons on Democracy: Civics and Journalism Education

Better understand the impact we’re making in the region and why the New England First Amendment Coalition is deserving of your support. We protect your rights through Education, Advocacy and Defense.

Since NEFAC began in 2006, our primary mission has been to educate New Englanders about the First Amendment and the value of government transparency.

And for good reason.

According to a recent report by the Freedom Forum Institute, “many misconceptions surrounding the First Amendment remain prevalent today” and an increasing number of citizens believe First Amendment rights go too far.

We’re doing something about these troubling trends. NEFAC is providing First Amendment lectures and conversations in classrooms, community centers and on college campuses throughout the region.

In the last two years we have presented more than 50 times in more than 30 cities and towns.

Many of the presentations are part of our successful First Amendment and Free Press program. This program provides an opportunity for citizens to discuss the Constitution with attorneys and academics, eliminating misconceptions about the First Amendment and the freedoms it protects.

The program also provides a chance for local journalists to pull back the curtain to their newsrooms and explain how they and their colleagues do their jobs — an essential part of building trust between citizens and the reporters covering their communities.

NEFAC is providing much needed civics education in classrooms throughout New England. We’re speaking to high school and college students through campus visits and webinars.

With our help, school districts are finding creative ways to teach their students about government transparency and accountability.

In today’s divisive political climate, our democracy depends on citizens understanding the value of our Constitution and the five freedoms of our First Amendment.

We’re providing the information, teaching the lessons and answering the questions to make that happen.