Access to State Courts

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Introduction to State Courts
This class is taught by Ruth Bourquin at the ACLU of Massachusetts. Bourquin joined the ACLU in October 2017 and leads the organization’s free expression work. She previously was a litigation attorney at Greater Boston Legal Services.

Court Documents and Hearings
This lesson is taught by attorney Bob Ambrogi, executive director of the Massachusetts Newspaper Publishers Association. By viewing this lesson, you’ll learn: (1) court rules on accessing judicial records and proceedings (2) special considerations for journalists, such as the right to record court hearings and (3) how to object to a denial of access for records or to a proceeding.

Online Access to State Court Documents
This lesson is taught by Todd Wallack, a correspondent for WBUR in Boston. He provides step-by-step instruction on how to access judicial records online. Wallack was previously the deputy managing editor in WBUR’s newsroom. He oversees a team of reporters who cover politics, criminal justice, and general news.