NEFAC: Proposed Vanity Plate Restrictions in Maine Constitutionally, Logistically Problematic

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The New England First Amendment Coalition expressed concerns to the Maine Attorney General today about proposed restrictions to the state’s vanity license plate program.

The Maine Transportation Committee earlier this month voted to advance LD 130, legislation that would give the Secretary of State broad power to ban or recall vanity plates deemed, among other things, “vulgar.”

While the state is not obligated to provide a vanity plate program, once it opens a forum to citizen speech it should not discriminate against constitutionally-protected expression even if vulgar or otherwise offensive, NEFAC explained in a May 17 letter to Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey.

“We believe that at least some of the restrictions on speech imposed by LD 130 are unconstitutionally broad and vague,” wrote Justin Silverman, NEFAC’s executive director. “The restrictions will undoubtedly lead to subjective and inconsistent interpretation at local DMVs as well as future litigation against the state. The bill is also an ineffective way to further the government’s interest in protecting minors from offensive expression.”

Silverman cited a recent order in a Rhode Island case involving a similar vanity plate program. As federal judge Mary S. McElroy wrote in that order blocking Rhode Island officials from enforcing their own content-based vanity plate policy:

“Private speech in a nonpublic forum may still be regulated by the government. However, it may not be prohibited in a way that is either unreasonable or content based. Any regulation or implementation of a regulation must be viewpoint neutral.”

“The very essence of vanity plates,” Judge McElroy added, “is personal expression.”

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