Please Help Us Reach Our Spring Fundraiser Goal

Why support the New England First Amendment Coalition?

Because freedom of the press is a cornerstone of American democracy protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

And it’s under attack.

At the highest levels of government, the press is denounced as “the enemy of the people,” and media are derided as “fake news” outlets.

This has eroded public trust in the press and other democratic institutions, as the Knight Foundation recently reported.

But we’re fighting back.

• We’re providing free investigative journalism programs to local reporters, editors and producers. Our annual New England First Amendment Institute alone has trained more than 200 local journalists from nearly 90 news organizations.

• We’re educating the public about why journalism is vital to democracy. Our First Amendment and the Free Press tour features many of the biggest names in New England journalism and is stopping in towns throughout the region.

• We’re in courtrooms demanding government transparency and protecting the public’s right to know.

• We’re sharing inspiring stories about how investigative journalism improves lives and keeps government accountable.

• And we’re protecting the rights of students, giving them the support and recognition they deserve.

We’re the region’s leading advocate for the First Amendment. And now — more than ever — we need your support.

Please help us reach our $25,000 spring fundraiser goal by making a donation today.