Access to State Courts

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Introduction to State Courts
This class is taught by Hillary Rich and Harry Stark, staff attorneys at the Vermont ACLU They litigate a range of civil rights and civil liberties matters in state and federal court, including cases addressing free speech, anti-discrimination, border surveillance, and government transparency.

Court Documents and Hearings
This lesson is taught by Hillary Rich and Harrison Stark, staff attorneys at the Vermont ACLU. By viewing this lesson, you’ll learn: (1) court rules on accessing judicial records and proceedings (2) special considerations for journalists, such as the right to record court hearings and (3) how to object to a denial of access for records or to a proceeding.

Online Access to State Court Documents
This lesson is taught by Liam Elder-Connors, Vermont Public’s public safety reporter, focusing on law enforcement, courts and the prison system. He has worked at Vermont Public since 2015 and has reported several special projects, including an investigation into one of the state’s prominent landlords and a series of remembrances of Vermonters killed by COVID-19.