Happy New Year from NEFAC

By NEFAC Staff

Let’s resolve to keep our right- to-know mission going strong in 2014. It is not too late to show your determination by making a tax deductible donation on NEFAC’s website.

Here’s an overview of our activities for 2014.

  • Make your first calendar entry at Jan. 8, the deadline for applications and nominations for NEFAC’s FOI Award and the Antonia Orfield Citizenship Award. The Orfield Citizenship and FOI awards are designed, respectively, to honor  private citizens and professional journalists who advanced the New England public’s right to know in 2013. Your entries may be made on these application and nomination forms.
  • Your next entry should be Feb. 8, the day that the Stephen Hamblett First Amendment Award luncheon will be held, honoring James Risen for a lifetime of courageous advocacy for the public’s right to know. The FOI and Citizenship awards will also be given out at this time.
  • On that same day and weekend, NEFAC board members will be onsite at the newspaper convention for the New England Newspaper and Press Association, offering training on media law topics and investigative techniques.
  • Don’t forget to block of some time during Sunshine Week in March to attend one of NEFAC’s trainings open to the public in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or Vermont. Stay tuned for more details.
  • Be sure to check our website in July for application materials for our New England First Amendment Institute to be held next September, when we will train our fourth class of fellows. Said Rosanna Cavanagh, NEFAC’s executive director, “completing our rigorous training of over 100 New England journalists will be an important milestone for our organization.”

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